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To do a clean install of a specfic Stash version, run:

$> ./clean-install.sh 2.8.1

This will download Stash 2.8.1 (unless it has been downloaded previously), unpack and configure Stash and (re)create a fresh home directory for this version.


Stash instances can be started/stopped as per usual

$> cd atlassian-stash-2.8.1
$> ./bin/start-stash.sh # To start Stash
$> ./bin/stop-stash.sh # To stop Stash

Stash Home Directories

The Stash home directories are created in the stash-home-dirs sub directory and are automatically configured in bin/setenv.sh in the respective installation directories.


» head atlassian-stash-2.7.1/bin/setenv.sh                                                                                                                                             
# One way to set the STASH HOME path is here via this variable.  Simply uncomment it and set a valid path like
# /stash/home.  You can of course set it outside in the command terminal; that will also work.