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Stash Demo Box


  1. Install VirtualBox for your platform (so far I've only tested it on OS X).
  2. Install the latest version of Vagrant for your platform (tested with 1.2.4)
  3. Clone git clone

In the repository checkout directory, run:

$> cd stash-vagrant
$> vagrant up

Doing this the first time will take a few minutes as the operating system and all the required packages will be downloaded and installed. The Puppet recipe also downloads Stash and sets up a default Stash home directory.

Subsequent runs will be much quicker!


To start the virtual machine with Stash pre-installed and configured to run on http://localhost:7000 use:

$> vagrant up

To suspend the virtual machine use:

$> vagrant suspend

To start from scratch (wiping the image) use destroy. A subsequent vagrant up will re-download the packages and Stash but it won't have to download the operation system again:

$> vagrant destroy

If you need to SSH into the box use:

$> vagrant ssh

See for more information.

You can login in using the username admin with the password admin. The password for each additional user matches the user name (e.g. username stefan => password: stefan).

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