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Admin Inline bug

Alexandr Avd
created an issue

Hi. When i'm use model with RichTextField in InlineModelAdmin class, new instances of model don't initializate ckeditor widget and write to console error "Uncaught The editor instance "id_postperson_set-prefix-text" is already attached to the provided element." and i can't edit text on dynamicly added child models from inlines.

The problem is exactly like here:

code example:

class Post(models.Model):

class PostPerson(models.Model):
    post = models.ForeignKey(Post)
    text = RichTextField()

class PostPersonInlineAdmin(admin.StackedInline):
    model = PostPerson
    extra = 0

class PostAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    inlines = (PostPersonInlineAdmin,), PostAdmin)

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