Stefan Scherfke avatar Stefan Scherfke committed ddd6890

Fixed error that occured when there is only one top artist.

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         params = urllib.urlencode(chart.params)
         data = json.loads(urllib.urlopen(URL + params).read())
+        data = chart.get_data(data)
+        if not data:
+            raise IOError('No artists found.')
+        elif type(data) == dict:
+            data = [data]
     except IOError:
         return HttpResponse(json.dumps([]), mimetype='application/json')
     items = []
-    for i, d in enumerate(chart.get_data(data)):
+    for i, d in enumerate(data):
         # Not every method supports the ``limit`` parameter so we have
         # to take care of this ourselves.
         if i == int(LASTFM_NUM_IMAGES):
     return HttpResponse(json.dumps(items), mimetype='application/json')
 class RecentTracks(object):
     """This class handles the API call ``user.getRecentTracks``."""
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