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Django access

This is a small Django application that allows you to access and
embed e.g. your recently listened tracks or you top artists on your website.

Currently you can get your
* recently listened tracks
* weekly artist chart
* top artists (for a definable period)

The application consists of two main parts: The first one is a view, that
retrieves the data from, processes it and returns it as a JSON encoded
dict. The second one is a template tag that embeds some AJAX code into your
website. This code will call the view and display the artist images or album
covers. This mechanism prevents the servers from slowing down your
blazingly fast Django site … ;-)


This app is tested with Django 1.1. It might also work with older versions, but
I haven’t tested it.

If you want to run the tests, you’ll need to install `Mock 

There are no other requirements.


If you read this, you have probably managed to extract the archive containing
these files. Next, open a Terminal and `cd` to the directory containing this
file (e.g. ``cd ~/Downloads/django-lastfm``). Then execute::

    python install
If you checked out the repository and always want to use the newest version,

    pip install -e path/to/django-lastfm


The Documentation can be found in the *docs/* directory or
`online <>`_.