django-lastfm / lastfm /

# encoding: utf-8

Tests for the app.


from django.test import TestCase
import mock

from lastfm.templatetags import lastfm_widget

class TemplateTagsTestCase(TestCase):
    """Test the template tag for the widget."""
    def setUp(self):
        self.parser = mock.Mock(spec=['compile_filter'])
        self.token = mock.Mock(spec=['split_contents'])
    def test_get_sidebar_widgets(self):
        Test if ``lastfm_widget.get_lastfm_widget()`` returns a node with the
        correct variable name.
        tag = 'get_lastfm_widget'
        var_name = 'widgets'
        self.token.split_contents.return_value = (tag, 'as', var_name)
        node = lastfm_widget.get_lastfm_widget(self.parser, self.token)
        self.assertEqual(node.var_name, var_name)
    def test_lastfm_widget_node(self, get_template, Context):
        Test if the template node contains the correct template variables.
        class ContextMock(dict):
            autoescape = object()
        context = ContextMock()
        template = get_template.return_value
        var_name = 'widgets'
        node = lastfm_widget.LastfmWidgetNode(var_name)
        self.assertTrue(var_name in context)
        widget = context[var_name]
        self.assertTrue('title' in widget)
        self.assertTrue('content' in widget)