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+61c990a632ce9732868c5e78099149186ba6bb06 v1.0
 <>`_ documentation directly into your Django powered
 website instead of just serving the static files.
-It’s based on `Django’s documentation app
-<>`_ and
-makes it more widely usable.
-django-sphinxdoc can handle multiple Sphinx projects. It takes the static body
-of the documentation from the JSON files Sphinx creates and embeds them in the
-content block of your site.
+Django-sphinxdoc can handle multiple Sphinx projects and offers a `Haystack
+<>`_ powered search. Future versions will enable
+comments and add RSS feeds.
-This app is tested with Django 1.1 and 1.2. It might also work with older
-versions, but I haven’t tested it. You should also have Sphinx >= 1.0.
+This app is tested with Django 1.1 and 1.2. You also need `Sphinx
+<>`_ >= 1.0 and `Haystack
 You can either install this app with `PIP <>`_ 
-(or ``easy_install``):
-.. sourcecode:: bash
+(or ``easy_install``)::
     $ pip install django-sphinxdoc
     $ # or:
     $ easy_install django-sphinxdoc
-or download and install it manually:
-.. sourcecode:: bash
+or download and install it manually::
     $ cd where/you/put/django-sphinxdoc/
     $ python install
-    version='1.0.0',
+    version='1.0',
     author='Stefan Scherfke',
     author_email='stefan at',
     description='Easily integrate Sphinx documentation into your website.',