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Forget to update changelog and readme.

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 Changelog for django-sphinxdoc
-v0.x – 2010:
+v1.0.0 – 2010-09-11:
+- [NEW] Documentation can be searched via Haystack. The new management command
+  ``updatedoc`` imports the JSON files into the database and updates Haystack’s
+  search index.
 - [CHANGE] Renamed ``App`` to ``Project``.
-This app is tested with Django 1.1. It might also work with older versions, but
-I haven’t tested it.
-There are no other requirements.
+This app is tested with Django 1.1 and 1.2. It might also work with older
+versions, but I haven’t tested it. You should also have Sphinx >= 1.0.
-If you read this, you have probably managed to extract the archive containing
-these files. Next, open a Terminal and `cd` to the directory containing this
-file (e.g. ``cd ~/Downloads/django-sphinxdoc``). Then execute::
+You can either install this app with `PIP <>`_ 
+(or ``easy_install``):
-    python install
+.. sourcecode:: bash
+    $ pip install django-sphinxdoc
+    $ # or:
+    $ easy_install django-sphinxdoc
+or download and install it manually:
+.. sourcecode:: bash
+    $ cd where/you/put/django-sphinxdoc/
+    $ python install
-If you checked out the repository and always want to use the newest version,
-    pip install -e path/to/django-sphinxdoc
+Use `this URL <>`_ for cloning if
+you want to install this app in development mode.