dotfiles / _hgrc

username = Stefan Scherfke <>

churn =
color =
convert =
fetch =
extdiff =
graphlog =
highlight =
mq =
purge =
progress =
transplant =

incoming = incoming --graph
outgoing = outgoing --graph

commit.flake8 =
qrefresh.flake8 =

cmd.opendiff = opendiff-w
cmd.kdiff3 =

strict = false
complexity = 12

splice.executable = mvim
splice.args = -f $base $local $other $output -c 'SpliceInit'
splice.premerge = keep
splice.priority = 1

spliceg.executable = gvim
spliceg.args = -f $base $local $other $output -c 'SpliceInit'
spliceg.premerge = keep
spliceg.priority = 1

filemerge.executable = opendiff-w
filemerge.args = $local $other -ancestor $base -merge $output

kdiff3.args = $base $local $other -o $output

allow_archive = zip, bz2
pygments_style = tango
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