Tea Timer / ChangeLog.txt

ChangeLog for TeaTimer dashboard widget

2011-11-20 – 1.8:

* [NEW] Growl 1.3 support
* [NEW] Pink background
* [CHANGE] Alarms are now called asynchronously. The voice and Growl message
  appear at the same time now (instead of after the other).
* [CHANGE] The list of alarm sounds and voices is now created dynamically and
  thus contain Lion’s new voices.
* [CHANGE] Editing the fields for the timer target (e.g. “Tea”) or “ready in”
  during a countdown will now longer reset the countdown. However, editing
  the countdown time during an active countdown will reset the countdown
* [FIX] Fixed a bug with keep alarming and sticky Growl messages. You won’t
  get flooded by them anymore. Instead, there will be only one sticky Growl
  message when keep alarming is activated.

2010-07-18 – 1.7.1:

* [NEW] TT now remembers if you don’t want to upgrade to a specific version.
* [FIX] Growl works again.
* [FIX] Problem with pausing and resetting the timer.

2010-07-04 – 1.7:

* [NEW] Rewind button for resetting an ongoing countdown to its initial value.
* [CHANGE] Save current widget’s settings as default settings for new widgets.
* [FIX] Timer will be reset to the initial value, not the last pause value.

2009-12-22 – 1.6:

* [FEATURE] Different settings for different instances of Tea Timer.
* [FEATURE] Display current version on back side.
* [FIX] Correct abbreviation for seconds.
* [FIX] Click on «Tea Timer Website» no longer resets the settings for the
  current session.

2009-07-30 – 1.5.1:

* [FIX] The stop button now only appears when »keep alarming« is on.
* [FIX] Stopped Tea Timer spamming you with alarms when you change their
  settings and »keep alarming« is enabled.

2009-07-28 – 1.5:

* [NEW] Tea Timer optionally keeps alarming you every five seconds. You can
  stop the alarm by clicking on the alarm clock.
* [CHANGE] Tea Timer resets the timer to the previous value, not to 00:00:00.
* [CHANGE] Update to jQuery 1.3.2

2009-01-22 – 1.4:

* [NEW] Tea Timer now rembers its last timer target.
* [NEW] “ready in” can be switch to “in”. Depending on it, the alarm message
  will be “Tea is ready” or just “Tea”. The status is beeing remembered.
* [CHANGE] Upgrade to jQuery 1.3
* [FIX] Added localization for “Irgendwas”

2008-12-13 – 1.3:

* [FIX] Tea Timer fail with 08 or 09 as timer value

2008-12-08 – 1.2:

* [NEW] Added link to Tea Timer’s website on the back.
* [FIX] Localization issue on update panel

2008-12-08 – 1.1:

* [NEW] Pressing enter within an input field starts the timer.
* [FIX] Fixed a bug with pausing the timer.
* [FIX] Added Alex’s voice.

2008-11-30 – 1.0:

* [NEW] Alarm via Growl
* [NEW] Alarm via a selectable voice
* [NEW] Alarm via a selectable system sound
* [NEW] Fancy animation for pref-pane transitions
* [FIX] say-message now localized

2008-11-22 – 0.4:

* [NEW] Info button and back side
* [NEW] Set color for the front background within the widget preferences.
* [NEW] Widget localization and English translation
* [NEW] Update notification shows current and available version.
* [NEW] Fancy drop shadows for text ;-)
* [CHANGE] Overhault default background and widget icon

2008-11-11 – 0.3:

* [NEW] Initial release
* [NEW] Change timer target
* [NEW] Change time
* [NEW] Cycle through input fields view tab/shift-tab
* [NEW] Raise/lower numbers with up/down arrow keys
* [NEW] Start countdown
* [NEW] Alarm with voice message (by Victoria)
* [NEW] Available only in German
* [NEW] Automatically check for updates