Fix `pfctl` command syntax with OpenBSD 5.8

Issue #18 resolved
Joe Stevensen created an issue

sshguard is not adding hosts to the pf table because the -T and -t command options are in incorrect order.

sshguard / src / fwalls / command_pf.h

See lines 40, 48, and 51.

Per the pfctl man page, the commands should be:

[-t table -T command [address ...]]

To replicate, try adding an ip address to the table the wrong way

pfctl -Tadd -tsshguard

usage: pfctl [-deghnPqrvz] [-a anchor] [-D macro=value] [-F modifier] [-f file] [-i interface] [-K host | network] [-k host | network | label | id] [-L statefile] [-o level] [-p device] [-S statefile] [-s modifier [-R id]] [-t table -T command [address ...]] [-x level]

Then try the right way

pfctl -tsshguard -Tadd

1/1 addresses added.

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  1. Kevin Zheng

    I don't think that's your issue. The current command is pfctl -k $1 -Tadd -t sshguard $1, not pfctl -Tadd $1 -tsshguard as you suggested. You are right that the latter is incorrect, but that's not the command being run by SSHGuard.

  2. Joe Stevensen reporter

    Ok. Either way, adding or deleting before specifying the table doesn't work. The table must be specified before adding or deleting, etc. I'm testing on OpenBSD 5.8 stable.

    I tried to modify the command in the latest source, but there is no configure file.

  3. Kevin Zheng

    Okay, perhaps OpenBSD 5.8 changed something that broke this command. In any case, your solution is more correct. Could you verify that this command works?

    pfctl -k $1 -t sshguard -T add $1, where $1 is the address you want to block.

  4. Joe Stevensen reporter

    Yes, the above command works as expected.

    killed 0 states from 1 sources and 0 destinations 1/1 addresses added.

  5. Kevin Zheng

    Thanks! I'm guessing the release and flush commands have to change, too?

    pfctl -t sshguard -T del $1

    pfctl -t sshguard -T flush

  6. Joe Stevensen reporter


    pfctl -t sshguard -T del $1

    1/1 addresses deleted.

    pfctl -t sshguard -T flush

    3 addresses deleted.

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