Could we centralize IPs, making a central repository for reported IPs?

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That way i can check if Ive been hacked and my computer got used for shitty purposes, like a botnet. But multiples sshguard installations must report the same ip for it to be introduced into the repository, building something like a trust system so modified sshguard cant flood the repository with fake ips. Maybe some king of p2p idk GNUnet. There are multiples servers around the world that get hacked and their sys admind got no idea.

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  1. Kevin Zheng

    Block reporting is beyond the scope of what SSHGuard tries to accomplish. If you want to implement this, you can use the external scripts feature (using the -e flag).

  2. Kenneth Mosquera

    something like ZeroNert, p2p filesystem a lot sutff could benefit from this have it running on my pi pretty, awesome. but my code skills are shit will investigate

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