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Lester Ingber created an issue

In README.rst of the current 1.7.0 code, it states: "If an attack, such as several login failures within a few seconds, is detected, the offending IP is blocked." I use iptables.

I have seen this not to be true for examples like: "... sshd[XXX]: refused connect from XXX (XXX)" in my auth.log. I have seen these pile up to 100's and 1000's, coming in every few secs, and sshguard does not catch these. Instead I have to rely on other tools to block these instances. Yes, the XXX IP is blocked, but I still get many entries in my auth.log, e.g., from being blocked in hosts.deny. It seems that iptables may block these IPs sooner?

It would help if sshguard could access a text file of key phrases to use in its determination of hosts to block.

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  1. Kevin Zheng

    It sounds like these messages are coming from blocking hosts using hosts.deny. If you use a firewall no more messages should show up after the block.

    In the latest version, SSHGuard uses a separate executable, sshg-parser, to parse attacks.

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