Infinite make rebuilds

Issue #66 wontfix
Daniel Aleksandersen created an issue
autoreconf -i
make -B

Expected: rebuild everything once regardless of freshness (forced rebuild).

Actual: rebuilds all the things forever in a loop. Non-forced make works fine.

This broke recently. Tested with most recent versions of Ubuntu, macOS, and Fedora.

Version e10c5e5.

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  1. Kevin Zheng
    • changed status to open

    I can reproduce the issue running gmake -B with GNU Make 4.2.1.

    The build goes into an infinite loop running configure.

  2. Kevin Zheng

    I've run autoreconf -i && ./configure && gmake -B with versions as old as 1.6.0 and still see gmake -B loop in the configure script. I think this might be something in autoconf that prevents you from running make with -B.

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