show "not blocking (on whitelist.)" in non-debug log

Issue #75 resolved
Maksim Bronsky created an issue

Currently, the said log message will only be shown if the SSHGUARD_DEBUG variable is set, which is unfortunate for reasoning about why sshguard ignored some patterns in daily business.

Would it be possible to log that message to regular auth.log as well

SSHGuard 2.0.0 NixOS 15.09 /usr/sbin/sshguard -i /run/ -l /var/log/auth.log -l /var/log/messages iptables

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  1. Per olof Ljungmark


    Currently the sshguard logging is a mystery to me, a "-d" switch would be fantastc and I wholeheartily agree with Maksim about the whitelist logging. Apart from this, sshguard works great and I am really thankful for the work.

  2. Kevin Zheng
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    There's not a -d switch, but it's controlled by the environmental variable $SSHGUARD_DEBUG.

    That said it sounds like this is a useful message to bump up to LOG_INFO. Is that a good solution?

  3. Per olof Ljungmark

    Absolutely. From a sysadmin point of view, the more info you get from white/blacklisting operations the better. Thanks!

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