Attack pattern for Cyrus IMAP STARTTLS failures

Issue #88 resolved
Former user created an issue

reCaptcha v1 is shutdown... see

So cannot submit new patterns.

Wanted to submit two patterns from Cyrus IMAP:

imaps[89898]: imaps TLS negotiation failed: [2001:470:df49:2:9df9:4e98:31e1:1720]
imap[37918]: STARTTLS negotiation failed: []

These are TLS attacks - should likely give 8 points or more.

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  1. Kevin Zheng

    Requests for new attack patterns should be submitted here. The submission form on the website should be unlinked but might still be accessible through search engines; I should take it down properly soon.

  2. Graeme

    This is actually a false positive.


    tls_versions: tls1_2 tls1_3

    Client attempts to negotiate tls 1.0 or tls 1.1 will generate this exact pattern.

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