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If you are reporting a bug, please include as many of the following as you can:

  • Operating system and version
  • SSHGuard version, or full package version string
  • SSHGuard invocation (command line or configuration)
  • Firewall backend being used

If you are requesting a new attack signature, please include:

  • Name of service being matched against (e.g. sshd, OpenSMTPD)
  • Nature and severity of attack (e.g. log noise, protocol error, authentication failure)
  • Your logging system and log format (e.g. syslogd, systemd)
  • Several examples of log messages that should be matched


  • bug for unexpected or incorrect behavior
  • enhancement for change or improvement of existing signatures or behaviors
  • proposal for new attack signatures or behavior

Component: parser for anything related to attack signatures, blank otherwise

Version: Closest version of SSHGuard to the one you are running

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