GeoFluent Python Client

Unofficial Python Client to access the GeoFluent API.

It has been developed by Redlink GmbH in the context of the SSIX Project; further details at this blog post.


Upon usage of the GeoFluent API you need to register an account there.

You can find further technical documentation at:

The current status of implementation of the GeoFluent API is the following:

Feature Status
Detect implemented
HealthCheck not implemented
Interpret not implemented
Languages implemented
Profile not implemented
TermsOfService not implemented
Transcribe implemented


The modules is available from PyPI, so you just need to install it:

pip install geofluent



from geofluent import GeoFluent

gf = GeoFluent(key=key, secret=secret)

// retrieve available languages
languages = gf.languages()
print("Languages supported:" + ", ".join(["%s->%s" % language for language in languages]))

// translate from German to English
translation = gf.translate("Ich werde es testen", "de-de", "en-xn");
print("Translation: " + translation);


You can can use the CLI tool to translate each line of file and get the translations back as CSV:

geofluent key secret source target file.txt

With geofluent -h you get some additional help of its usage.

Notice that you may need to address it as python3 geofluent/ if you didn't globally install the library.


In case you need to locally expose it as a microservice, the modules provides a dedicated utility to proxy that:

python3 geofluent/ key secret [port]


This tool is available under Apache License, Version 2.0.


Notice that this implementation is not an official client supported by the API provider, so it is available without any warranty nor liability. Please report to the issue trackers any issue you may find to improve upcoming releases.


This work is in part funded by the SSIX Horizon 2020 project (grant agreement No 645425).