mydb - A Python cgi script to view yt datasets on Amazon SimpleDB.

This is simple and quickly written script which will allow you to view all your
datasets that you've ever touched with yt, from anywhere. Given your AWS
credentials, it will log you in and display the particulars of the datasets.
You can perform searches with various filters to narrow down what is displayed.

What's included:
  * mydb.py - The script itself. Right now, you should need to change the
    'hostname' and 'url' variables at the top, as well as the location of
    the 'sorttable.js' script (it's almost at the bottom, do a text search!).

  * sorttable.js - A bit of javascript that enables the table to sort within
    the browser. http://www.kryogenix.org/code/browser/sorttable/

  * README - This file!

This code is open source, don't sue me if it breaks up your marriage, and so

Stephen Skory