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 def standard_small_simulation(pf_fn, fields):
     if not can_run_pf(pf_fn): return
     dso = [None]
-    yield GridHierarchyTest(pf_fn)
-    yield ParentageRelationshipsTest(pf_fn)
     for field in fields:
         yield GridValuesTest(pf_fn, field)
-        for axis in [0, 1, 2]:
-            for ds in dso:
+        if 'particle' in field: continue
+        for ds in dso:
+            for axis in [0, 1, 2]:
                 for weight_field in [None, "Density"]:
                     yield ProjectionValuesTest(
                         pf_fn, axis, field, weight_field,
-                        ds)
-                yield FieldValuesTest(
-                        pf_fn, field, ds)
+                        ds, decimals=3)
+            yield FieldValuesTest(
+                    pf_fn, field, ds, decimals=3)
 class ShockTubeTest(object):
     def __init__(self, data_file, solution_file, fields, 


             self.conversion_factors["Time"] = 1.0
         for unit in mpc_conversion.keys():
             self.units[unit] = mpc_conversion[unit] / mpc_conversion["cm"]
+            self.units[unit+"cm"] = self.units[unit]
             self.units[unit] /= (1.0+self.current_redshift)
     def _setup_cgs_units(self):
     assert_array_less, assert_string_equal, assert_array_almost_equal_nulp,\
-def assert_rel_equal(a1, a2, decimals, err_msg=''):
+def assert_rel_equal(a1, a2, decimals, err_msg='', verbose=True):
     # We have nan checks in here because occasionally we have fields that get
     # weighted without non-zero weights.  I'm looking at you, particle fields!
     if isinstance(a1, np.ndarray):
         a2[np.isnan(a2)] = 1.0
     elif np.isnan(a1) and np.isnan(a2):
         return True
-    return assert_almost_equal(a1/a2, 1.0, decimals, err_msg=err_msg)
+    return assert_almost_equal(a1/a2, 1.0, decimals, err_msg=err_msg,
+                               verbose=verbose)
 def amrspace(extent, levels=7, cells=8):
     """Creates two numpy arrays representing the left and right bounds of 


             assert_equal(new_result, old_result, 
                          err_msg=err_msg, verbose=True)
-            assert_rel_equal(new_result, old_result, self.decimals,
+            assert_allclose(new_result, old_result, 10.**(-self.decimals),
                              err_msg=err_msg, verbose=True)
 class AllFieldValuesTest(AnswerTestingTest):
                 assert_equal(new_result[k], old_result[k],
-                assert_rel_equal(new_result[k], old_result[k], 
-                                 self.decimals, err_msg=err_msg)
+                assert_allclose(new_result[k], old_result[k], 
+                                 10.**-(self.decimals), err_msg=err_msg)
 class PixelizedProjectionValuesTest(AnswerTestingTest):
     _type_name = "PixelizedProjectionValues"


 boltzmann_constant_cgs = 1.3806504e-16  # erg K^-1
 gravitational_constant_cgs  = 6.67428e-8  # cm^3 g^-1 s^-2
 planck_constant_cgs   = 6.62606896e-27  # erg s
+stefan_boltzmann_constant_cgs = 5.670373e-5 # erg cm^-2 s^-1 K^-4
 rho_crit_now = 1.8788e-29  # g times h^2 (critical mass for closure, Cosmology)
 # Misc. Approximations
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