Bitbucket Docker Connect

A Bitbucket Connect plugin for Docker Hub.



The Docker Hub Connect plugin links-to and displays the state of a corresponding image repository on Docker hub. If the image has autobuild enabled the information about the latest build will also be displayed.

Configuring the Hub repository

The plugin is enabled by placing the file .docker-repository.yml in root of your repository.

By default the plugin will assume that your Bitbucket and Docker Hub accounts/repositories have the same names; e.g. if your Bitbucket repository is:

the corresponding Hub repository is:

You can override this default by placing a file called .docker-repository.yml in root of the Bitbucket repository. This is YAML file that contains a single entry repository which should contain the account/repository override (e.g. myhubaccount/docker-repo. For example:

repository: tarkasteve/multipy

Currently limitations/future work

  • Both the Bitbucket and Hub repositories must be public. Private repositories may be supported in the future.
  • Private registries are not supported, this may change in a future version.


Copyright © 2015 Atlassian

Distributed under the Apache License 2.0.