Gferasure is a high performance Galois field library for erasure coding and
algebraic signature computation. Gferasure implements constant by region
multiplication for erasure coding applications and dot product multiplication
for algebraic signatures along with normal Galois field multiplication.
Gferasure utilizes Intel's Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) instruction
sets Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSSE3), Streaming SIMD
Extensions 4 (SSE4), and Advanced Vector eXtentions 2 (AVX2) for Intel
processors along with NEON instructions for ARM processors. Gferasure
currently supports template implementations for field sizes GF(2^8),
GF(2^16), GF(2^32), and GF(2^64).

Building / Running

Information for building gferasure can be found in doc/ or doc/INSTALL

Additional Information

Technical Report: To be published in near future

Contribution guidelines

We are happy to expand Gferasure, to contribute please fork and submit a pull
request for review.

Nightly Build Tests

We host an archive of our nightly tests at is updated nightly at 2am Pacific.

Who do I talk to?

Ethan Miller

Thomas Schwarz

Lincoln Thurlow

Andrew Kwong