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Parameterize kernel package

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   <stk:property name="_bootstrap.url_" value=""/>
   <stk:property name="_bootstrap.repository_" value="slackware64"/>
   <stk:property name="_slackpkg.arch_" value="x86_64"/>
+  <stk:property name="_image.kernelPackage_" value="kernel-huge"/>
+  <stk:property name="_image.kernelModulesPackage_" value="kernel-modules"/>


   <imports>stacklet.task.image.core stacklet.task.distro.slack stacklet.task.distro.slack13</imports>
   <xi:include href=""/>
+  <stk:properties>
+    <name>properties.xml</name>
+  </stk:properties>
     <stk:package proxy='_proxy_'>
-        kernel-huge
-        kernel-modules
+        _image.kernelPackage_
+        _image.kernelModulesPackage_
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