If you have downloaded a binary for your OS, the minion binary will be in the
'bin' directory. 

the "docs" directory contains a full manual for Minion. 
The "benchmarks" directory contains a range of example programs.
The "generators" directory contains a number of generators, these are
in general poorly documented.

If you want to build minion from source, read on!

Welcome to the Minion source!

First, create a directory to do the build in, e.g.

mkdir bin

Then change to that directory. Now run CMake to configure Minion:


This assumes that you've created the build directory in the Minion directory;
Run from Minion's source directory, in your build directory.

This will look for the location of your compiler, and a few system libraries.

After that, you can compile Minion by doing:

make minion

which should produce the binary "minion".

If you want to build the debug version, re-run like

../ --debug

and then type

make minion

again. This should produce the "minion-debug" binary. The debug version is much
slower but has a large amount of internal checks. It should be used if you are
unsure / worried about the results Minion produces, or it crashes.

To clean all generated files, simply delete the directory you did the build in.