JANES - navigate open source intelligence

	JANES was created primarily to organize records pertaining
	to hundreds of military aircraft (though this is by no means
	its only conceivable use). The app extends werc's normal
	functionality by dynamically constructing an "index" page
	from arbitrary files found within the indicated directory.
	The components and layout used to build said page are
	specified by a configuration file, described below. Likewise,
	sub-directories that are meant to be ignored are specified
	in a separate file.

	The most obvious benefit of these features is to simplify the
	programmatic creation, updating and presentation of large
	sets of similarly structured data.

	To enable JANES, add:


	to _werc/config in the site root or appropriate sub-directory.

	To configure JANES, copy or create the following files in
	 _werc/janes/, either in the site root or in the sub-directory
	you wish to activate (example files have been included in
	this distribution):

		A list of files and headings that appear on the resulting
		page, in order, from top to bottom. The first field of each
		line corresponds to the name of a file containing infor-
		mation that will appear under the heading. The second
		field is a text string that will appear as the heading itself.
		Spaces are considered invalid; underscores in the second
		field will be replaced with spaces when rendered on the

		A list of directories JANES will not attempt to process.
		An example is the directory img/, which on the JANES
		DEVELOPMENT SITE is instead processed by yiyus'
		image gallery app, SMAK. Skipdirs are presented as
		links at the top of each JANES page. If the directory
		img/_werc/smak/thumb/ exists, the first file in that
		directory will be displayed as an inline image at the
		top of the page.

	In normal directories, files containing lines that begin with
	the string http:// will be rendered as HTML links to the given
	URL, one link per line.