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 and space, the rest of the line is example source code. If you put 'r'
 before the docstring, you can use \n for newline and \t for tab.
-from flake8.pyflakes import __version__ as pyflakes_version
-from flake8 import __version__ as flake8_version
 __version__ = '1.3.5a'
     if config_file is True:
         config_file = DEFAULT_CONFIG
-    version = '%s (pyflakes: %s, pep8: %s)' % \
-            (flake8_version, pyflakes_version, __version__)
-    parser = OptionParser(version=version,
+    parser = OptionParser(version=__version__,
                           usage="%prog [options] input ...")
     parser.config_options = [
         'builtins', 'count', 'exclude', 'filename', 'format', 'ignore',
 import sys
 import os
 import os.path
+import optparse
 from subprocess import PIPE, Popen
 import select
-    from StringIO import StringIO
-except ImportError:
-    from io import StringIO  # NOQA
+from flake8 import pep8
+from flake8 import mccabe
 from flake8.util import skip_file
-from flake8 import pep8
-from flake8 import pyflakes
-from flake8 import mccabe
+from flake8 import __version__ as flake8_version
+from flakey import __version__ as flakey_version
+from flakey import checker
+from flakey.scripts import flakey
 pep8style = None
 def check_file(path, ignore=(), complexity=-1):
     if pep8style.excluded(path):
         return 0
-    warnings = pyflakes.checkPath(path, ignore)
+    #warnings = flakey.checkPath(path, ignore)
+    warnings = flakey.checkPath(path)
     warnings += pep8style.input_file(path)
     if complexity > -1:
         warnings += mccabe.get_module_complexity(path, complexity)
 def check_code(code, ignore=(), complexity=-1):
-    warnings = pyflakes.check(code, ignore, 'stdin')
+    warnings = flakey.check(code, ignore, 'stdin')
     warnings += pep8style.input_file(None, lines=code.split('\n'))
     if complexity > -1:
         warnings += mccabe.get_code_complexity(code, complexity)
+def version(option, opt, value, parser):
+    parser.print_usage()
+    parser.print_version()
+    sys.exit(0)
 def main():
     global pep8style
+    parser = optparse.OptionParser('%prog [options]', version=version)
+    parser.version = '{0} (pep8: {1}, flakey: {2})'.format(
+        flake8_version, pep8.__version__, flakey_version)
+    parser.remove_option('--version')
+    parser.add_option('-v', '--version', action='callback',
+                      callback=version,
+                      help='Print the version info for flake8')
+    parser.parse_args()
     pep8style = pep8.StyleGuide(parse_argv=True, config_file=True)
     options = pep8style.options
     complexity = options.max_complexity
     stdin = None
     if builtins:
-        orig_builtins = set(pyflakes._MAGIC_GLOBALS)
-        pyflakes._MAGIC_GLOBALS = orig_builtins | builtins
+        orig_builtins = set(checker._MAGIC_GLOBALS)
+        checker._MAGIC_GLOBALS = orig_builtins | builtins
     if pep8style.paths and options.filename is not None:
         for path in _get_python_files(pep8style.paths):
     packages=["flake8", "flake8.tests"],
+    requires=['flakey'],
         "Environment :: Console",
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