Ian Cordasco avatar Ian Cordasco committed 585e746

Rely on flakey's new ability to skip stdin errors

Resolves our half of tickets #53, and #53 I believe.

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 def check_code(code, ignore=(), complexity=-1):
-    warning = flakey.check(code, 'stdin')
-    warnings = flakey.print_messages(warning, ignore=ignore)
+    warning = flakey.check(code, '<stdin>')
+    warnings = flakey.print_messages(warning, ignore=ignore, code=code)
     warnings += pep8style.input_file(None, lines=code.split('\n'))
     if complexity > -1:
         warnings += mccabe.get_code_complexity(code, complexity)
 from __future__ import with_statement
 import re
 import os
+from io import StringIO
 pep8style = None
 _NOQA = re.compile(r'flake8[:=]\s*noqa', re.I | re.M)
-def skip_file(path):
+def skip_file(path, source=None):
     """Returns True if this header is found in path
     # flake8: noqa
-    if not os.path.isfile(path):
+    if os.path.isfile(path):
+        f = open(path)
+    elif source:
+        f = StringIO(source)
+    else:
         return False
-    f = open(path)
         content = f.read()
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