Wilson Xu avatar Wilson Xu committed 18700a9

Added class to bootstrap table.

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 {% extends 'layout.html' %}
 {% block body %}
-{{ render_user_table(pagination.items) }}
+{{ render_user_table(pagination.items, 'zebra-striped') }}
 {{ render_pagination(pagination=pagination, endpoint='frontend.index') }}
 {% endblock %}


 {% endmacro %}
-{% macro render_user_table(users) %}
+{% macro render_user_table(users, class='') %}
+<table class='{{ class }}'>


     if not current_user.is_authenticated():
         login_form= LoginForm(next=request.args.get('next'))
     page = int(request.args.get('page', 1))
-    pagination = User.query.paginate(page=page, per_page=1)
+    pagination = User.query.paginate(page=page, per_page=10)
     return render_template('index.html', pagination=pagination, login_form=login_form,
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