8k UHD Ideal viewing distance is bugged ?

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I dont understand the why when viewing data for 8k the Visual Acuity distance is less than the minimal distance. Is it intended or the numbers are incorrect?

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  1. Andrea Brandi repo owner

    Hi. Visual Acuity distance is not the “ideal” viewing distance, as you can read here, is the “point beyond […] pixels begin to blend together”. For example: in 8K (7680x4320) @ 65 inches, you can get close up 2 ft and not being able to perceive single pixels. But this is too close to the screen for optimal vision.

    The ideal viewing distance is something between «Minimum distance» and «Maximum distance» values. The minimum is based on average FOV of human eyes, the maximum is the value that once exceeded indicates the screen size is too small.

  2. Andrea Brandi repo owner

    Just to be more clear, neither minimum or maximum distance values are "ideal" viewing distances. They're the 2 extremes of a range of values, within which you can choose what's more comfortable for your eyes, knowing you're not too close or too far from the screen.

  3. Andrea Brandi repo owner

    Maybe I understood the reason for the question “why Visual Acuity distance is less than the minimal distance”. Let's take this image as an example.

    Top is 4k@65”, bottom is 8k@65”. Minimum and maximum distance are influenced by the size of the panel. But, in 4K res, visual acuity distance is higher than minimum distance. So, what does this means?

    What’s happening here is that the PPI is smaller, consequently you need to stay far more distant to not degrade the image quality. The more the resolution, the closest you can sit without quality degradation. At this point, the visual acuity distance becomes the minimum distance of reference, because “virtually” you can sit closer, but at that resolution, sitting too close can cause a loss in quality.

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