Please, write in this file in English in order to avoid encoding problems.

You have two tasks.

Task one: look on the computer number (written on the monitor in front of you).
Find the line with the number and write your name in it. Commit the change and
push it.

If a push would create new heads, try 'hg fetch' before trying to push again.

Please, use meaningful comments on commits. It should be a phrase in past time
describing the changes you did. E.g., when you add your name on the
corresponding line, you may create a commit with a note "Added myself to the
list". Or something like that.

Task two: make sure no new changes arrived (even in a few seconds they may
have!). Below your name, please write a little bit about yourself:
 * who you are (like faculty & study year),
 * why did you join the course, 
 * what experience with any kind of programming you had before,
 * if you have any specific expectations from the course, please state them!


02. Anna Nikulova


04. Nobody. With half:)

04. Evgeniya Zotova
Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics, 2nd study year. I've joined the course because I was courious, and I have no kind of programming expirience.

05. Hello! Masha. Chemestry department, 5th year of education.
The necessarity of writing scripts for Modeller and other forced
me to join this course. Furthemor, it's interesting! 

06.Yulya Naraykina

07.Margarita Dzama

08. Sofa Me
1)FBB MSU'2014

09. Paul Sinitsyn
 * FBB, 3th year
 * Python is widely used in bioinformatics, so it is important to know this programming language.
 * Turbo Pascal, Perl
 * Danya ought to buy more pies, when he announce various competitions!

10. Nobody


12. Nobody

13. Devil's dozen
Arthur, second year.
CUDA is promising but C is complicated and time consuming. Python with CUDA bindings is my choise.

14. Nobody
15. Nobody

16. Dan

*i am a student of Bioingeneering and bioinformatics school, the second year os study.
*i've joint the course because i'd like to start programming
*none in programming i have studied

18. Azolia ^_^

19. Nobody

20. Zhuravleva Katya
    1)FBB MSU'2014
    2)I want study python.
    3) ^^




And my computer is here. Masha

Serge's MacBookPro. Serge I. Mitrofanov
 1) graduate student of FBB MSU
 2) on previous year courses
 3) Bash, Perl, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Pascal and a little bit Python
 4) I'd like to learn Python + PyMOL