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This is the wiki dedicated to the FreeBSD valgrind port. Please, help to extend/improve it.

Current status

The current version of valgrind supported on FreeBSD is 3.10.1. Memcheck and none tools should work fine for most tasks (the pass pretty much the whole test suite), helgrind and DRD, on the other hand, are still unstable.

Failing tests

The current list of failing tests is available here: Failing tests.

How to use

% hg clone (or download a tarball)
% cd valgrind-freebsd
% ./
% ./configure
% gmake && gmake install

If you want to use it without installing, just set VALGRIND_LIB variable to point to the .in_place directory inside valgrind-freebsd and run /path/to/valgrind-freebsd/coregrind/valgrind:

% setenv VALGRIND_LIB /path/to/valgrind-freebsd/.in_place
% /path/to/valgrind-freebsd/coregrind/valgrind


  • If you are using valgrind on amd64 system to debug i386 binaries, set debug.adaptive_machine_arch sysctl variable to zero. Otherwise, valgrind will fail to detect it's working in 32 bit emulation mode and will work unreliably.
% sysctl debug.adaptive_machine_arch=0
  • If you're experiencing false-positives in or, reinstall unstripped versions of them, so valgrind can detect symbols inside. Setting STRIP= in src.conf will help with that.