Lyli (Lytro Linux) aims to provide an open source alternative to the Lytro Desktop.

The application has been tested only with the original Lytro camera, although the Lytro Illum may work, too.



  • c++14 enabled compiler - tested with gcc 4.9
  • libusb 1.0
  • Qt 5 (Qt5Core, Qt5Widgets) - tested with Qt 5.4, required for GUI
  • OpenCV


To obtain the sources, you can either use mercurial to clone the repository, or you can download the repository snapshot from downloads.

Lyli uses CMake-based build. To compile Lyli from sources, first cd into the directory with sources and execute the following commands

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

If everything goes well, there should be a lyli executable in the build directory and lyli-qt in build/ui in case the Qt GUI was compiled.


Lyli requires direct access to the USB bus. This can be achieved either by running Lyli as root (not recommended), or by putting the provided 51-lytro.rules to /etc/udev/rules.d/ which enables non-root access to the camera.

There are two binaries build:

  • lyli - can be found in the top-level build directory, it provides basic command line access to camera

  • lyli-qt - GUI application that is build only if the required Qt5 packages are present. Provides most of the features


Most of the Lyli is licensed under LGPL v3, only the Qt GUI (in the ui/ subdirectory) is licensed under GPL v3.