readymedia-transcode is a personal development branch of ReadyMedia (formerly known as MiniDLNA) created by Lukas Jirkovsky for implementing transcode capabilities in MiniDLNA.

It contains parts of the transcode patch originally presented by the user Hiero at:

The transcoding work can be found in the "transcode" branch


Arch Linux

The PKGBUILD for Arch Linux can be found in AUR: readymedia-transcode-git

Compilation from sources


Prerequisites are the same as in upstream with additional dependency on ImageMagick:

  • libexif
  • libjpeg
  • libid3tag
  • libFLAC
  • libvorbis
  • libsqlite3
  • libavformat,libavutil,libavcodec (the ffmpeg libraries)
  • libmagickwand (part of ImageMagick)

The library names in this list may differ depending on the distribution you use. Also note that some distributions split libraries and development files into separate packages.

Obtaining the source and compiling

The sources can be obtained from the GIT repository. The transcoding support is in the branch transcode. To clone the repository, use the following command:

git clone -b transcode

The compilation is the standard autotools based compilation:

make install


Before using transcoding functionality of ReadyMedia-transcode, it needs to be configured in the minidlna.conf.

In this file you can specify which files need to be transcoded by specifying audio/video codecs, containers or extensions (for images) and transcoders that are used for transcoding such files.

More detailed description is provided in the minidlna.conf file at appropriate places. Example transcoding scripts are provided in the transcodescripts directory in the ReadyMedia-transcode sources.

Note on RAW image transcoding:

ReadyMedia-transcode uses ImageMagick to obtain necessary information about image files. ImageMagick uses so-called delegates for files that ImageMagick cannot open directly.

For processing camera RAW format, it uses ufraw-batch delegate by default. However, the ufraw-batch is very slow and it may take a few seconds to process one image.

To speed up the processing considerably, it is possible to alter the delegate to extract only the embedded preview instead of doing full processing of the RAW image. To do that, change the dng:decode delegate in the ImageMagick's delegates.xml to following:

<delegate decode="dng:decode" command="&quot;ufraw-batch&quot; --silent --create-id=also --embedded-image --out-type=png &quot;--output=%u.png&quot; &quot;%i&quot;"/>