# Homebrew 8bit computer based on 65c02 CPU #

## Description ##
We are developing a retro style 8bit computer based on the 65c02 CPU. 

## Features ##
65c02 CPU @ 8MHz
V9958 Video Display Controller
Yamaha YM3812 (OPL2) Sound
RS232 serial interface using UART 16550
SD-Card Interface
SPI as system bus
PS/2 keyboard interface
2 Joystick Ports

[Steckschwein Web Site](

The goal is to design a machine that could have existed back in the home computer era, but with "modern" interfaces like PS/2, full fledged rs232, SPI, etc. 

We use as much open source tools as possible, such as 
- cc65
- make
- galasm
- avr-gcc
- Mercurial

The repository contains the assembler source for the system firmware, test and demo programs, galasm source for the address decoder and the KiCAD project files for schematics and layout.