dotfiles / emacs.d / slime-2012-01-20 / contrib / README

Mike Steder ddf7185 

This directory contains source code which may be useful to some Slime
users.  *.el files are Emacs Lisp source and *.lisp files contain
Common Lisp source code.  If not otherwise stated in the file itself,
the files are placed in the Public Domain.

The components in this directory are more or less detached from the
rest of Slime.  They are essentially "add-ons".  But Slime can also be
used without them.  The code is maintained by the respective authors.

To use the packages here, you should add this directory to your Emacs
load-path, require the contrib, and call the contrib's init function to
enable the functionality that's provided by the respective contrib.

E.g. for fuzzy completion add this to your .emacs:

  (add-to-list 'load-path "<this-directory>")
  (add-hook 'slime-load-hook (lambda () (require 'slime-fuzzy)

Alternatively, you can use the `slime-setup' function which takes a
list of contrib names, and which loads and enables them automatically
for you:

  (slime-setup '(slime-fancy slime-asdf slime-tramp ...))

Finally, the contrib `slime-fancy' is specially noteworthy, as it
represents a meta-contrib that'll load a bunch of commonly used
contribs. Look into `slime-fancy.el' to find out which.