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Mike Steder ddf7185 

(define-slime-contrib slime-autodoc
  "Show fancy arglist in echo area."
  (:gnu-emacs-only t)
  (:license "GPL")
  (:authors "Luke Gorrie  <>"
            "Lawrence Mitchell  <>"
            "Matthias Koeppe  <>"
            "Tobias C. Rittweiler  <>")
  (:slime-dependencies slime-parse)
  (:swank-dependencies swank-arglists)
   (dolist (h '(slime-mode-hook slime-repl-mode-hook sldb-mode-hook))
     (add-hook h 'slime-autodoc-maybe-enable)))
   ;; FIXME: This doesn't disable eldoc-mode in existing buffers.
   (setq slime-echo-arglist-function 'slime-show-arglist)
   (dolist (h '(slime-mode-hook slime-repl-mode-hook sldb-mode-hook))
     (remove-hook h 'slime-autodoc-maybe-enable))))

(defun slime-autodoc-maybe-enable ()
  (when slime-use-autodoc-mode
    (slime-autodoc-mode 1)
    (setq slime-echo-arglist-function
          (lambda () 
            (if slime-autodoc-mode
                (eldoc-message (slime-autodoc))

(defcustom slime-use-autodoc-mode t
  "When non-nil always enable slime-autodoc-mode in slime-mode.")

(defcustom slime-autodoc-use-multiline-p nil
  "If non-nil, allow long autodoc messages to resize echo area display."
  :type 'boolean
  :group 'slime-ui)

(defcustom slime-autodoc-delay 0.3
  "*Delay before autodoc messages are fetched and displayed, in seconds."
  :type 'number
  :group 'slime-ui)

(defcustom slime-autodoc-accuracy-depth 10
  "Number of paren levels that autodoc takes into account for
  context-sensitive arglist display (local functions. etc)")


(defun slime-arglist (name)
  "Show the argument list for NAME."
  (interactive (list (slime-read-symbol-name "Arglist of: " t)))
  (let ((arglist (slime-retrieve-arglist name)))
    (if (eq arglist :not-available)
        (error "Arglist not available")
        (message "%s" (slime-fontify-string arglist)))))

(defun slime-retrieve-arglist (name)
  (let ((name (etypecase name
                 (string name)
                 (symbol (symbol-name name)))))
    (car (slime-eval `(swank:autodoc '(,name ,slime-cursor-marker))))))

;;;; Autodocs (automatic context-sensitive help)

(defun slime-make-autodoc-rpc-form ()
  "Return a cache key and a swank form."
  (let* ((levels slime-autodoc-accuracy-depth)
         (buffer-form (slime-parse-form-upto-point levels)))
    (when buffer-form
      (values buffer-form
              `(swank:autodoc ',buffer-form
                              ,(window-width (minibuffer-window)))))))

;;;; Autodoc cache

(defvar slime-autodoc-last-buffer-form nil)
(defvar slime-autodoc-last-autodoc nil)

(defun slime-get-cached-autodoc (buffer-form)
  "Return the cached autodoc documentation for `buffer-form', or nil."
  (when (equal buffer-form slime-autodoc-last-buffer-form)

(defun slime-store-into-autodoc-cache (buffer-form autodoc)
  "Update the autodoc cache for SYMBOL with DOCUMENTATION.
  (setq slime-autodoc-last-buffer-form buffer-form)
  (setq slime-autodoc-last-autodoc autodoc))

;;;; Formatting autodoc

(defsubst slime-canonicalize-whitespace (string)
  (replace-regexp-in-string "[ \n\t]+" " "  string))

(defun slime-format-autodoc (doc multilinep)
  (let ((doc (slime-fontify-string doc)))
    (if multilinep
        (slime-oneliner (slime-canonicalize-whitespace doc)))))

(defun slime-fontify-string (string)
  "Fontify STRING as `font-lock-mode' does in Lisp mode."
  (with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create (slime-buffer-name :fontify 'hidden))
    (unless (eq major-mode 'lisp-mode)
      ;; Just calling (lisp-mode) will turn slime-mode on in that buffer,
      ;; which may interfere with this function
      (setq major-mode 'lisp-mode)
      (lisp-mode-variables t))
    (insert string)
    (let ((font-lock-verbose nil))
    (goto-char (point-min))
    (when (re-search-forward "===> \\(\\(.\\|\n\\)*\\) <===" nil t)
      (let ((highlight (match-string 1)))
        ;; Can't use (replace-match highlight) here -- broken in Emacs 21
        (delete-region (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0))
	(slime-insert-propertized '(face highlight) highlight)))
    (buffer-substring (point-min) (point-max))))

;;;; slime-autodoc-mode

(defun* slime-autodoc (&optional (multilinep slime-autodoc-use-multiline-p)
  "Returns the cached arglist information as string, or nil.
If it's not in the cache, the cache will be updated asynchronously."
    ;; Save match data just in case. This is automatically run in
    ;; background, so it'd be rather disastrous if it touched match
    ;; data.
      (unless (if (fboundp 'slime-repl-inside-string-or-comment-p)
        (multiple-value-bind (cache-key retrieve-form)
          (let* (cached
                 (multilinep (or (slime-autodoc-multiline-cached (car cache-key))
            (slime-autodoc-cache-multiline (car cache-key) cache-multiline)
              ((not cache-key) nil)
              ((setq cached (slime-get-cached-autodoc cache-key))
               (slime-format-autodoc cached multilinep))
               ;; If nothing is in the cache, we first decline (by
               ;; returning nil), and fetch the arglist information
               ;; asynchronously.
               (slime-eval-async retrieve-form
                 (lexical-let ((cache-key cache-key)
                               (multilinep multilinep))
                   (lambda (doc)
                     (destructuring-bind (doc cache-p) doc
                       (unless (eq doc :not-available)
                         (when cache-p
                           (slime-store-into-autodoc-cache cache-key doc))
                         ;; Now that we've got our information,
                         ;; get it to the user ASAP.
                          (slime-format-autodoc doc multilinep)))))))

(defvar slime-autodoc-cache-car nil)

(defun slime-autodoc-multiline-cached (cache-key)
  (equal cache-key

(defun slime-autodoc-cache-multiline (cache-key cache-new-p)
  (cond (cache-new-p
         (setq slime-autodoc-cache-car
        ((not (equal cache-key
         (setq slime-autodoc-cache-car nil))))

(defun slime-autodoc-manually ()
  "Like slime-autodoc, but when called twice,
or after slime-autodoc was already automatically called, 
display multiline arglist"
  (eldoc-message (slime-autodoc (or slime-autodoc-use-multiline-p

(make-variable-buffer-local (defvar slime-autodoc-mode nil))

(defun slime-autodoc-mode (&optional arg)
  (interactive (list (or current-prefix-arg 'toggle)))
  (make-local-variable 'eldoc-documentation-function)
  (make-local-variable 'eldoc-idle-delay)
  (make-local-variable 'eldoc-minor-mode-string)
  (setq eldoc-documentation-function 'slime-autodoc)
  (setq eldoc-idle-delay slime-autodoc-delay)
  (setq eldoc-minor-mode-string " Autodoc")
  (setq slime-autodoc-mode (eldoc-mode arg))
  (when (interactive-p)
    (message (format "Slime autodoc mode %s."
                     (if slime-autodoc-mode "enabled" "disabled")))))

(defadvice eldoc-display-message-no-interference-p 
    (after slime-autodoc-message-ok-p)
  (when slime-autodoc-mode
    (setq ad-return-value
          (and ad-return-value
               ;; Display arglist only when the minibuffer is
               ;; inactive, e.g. not on `C-x C-f'.
               (not (active-minibuffer-window))
               ;; Display arglist only when inferior Lisp will be able
               ;; to cope with the request.
    (slime-bind-keys slime-doc-map t '((?A slime-autodoc-manually))))

;;;; Initialization

;;;; Test cases

(defun slime-autodoc-to-string ()
  "Retrieve and return autodoc for form at point."
  (let ((autodoc (car (slime-eval (second (slime-make-autodoc-rpc-form))))))
    (if (eq autodoc :not-available)
        (slime-canonicalize-whitespace autodoc))))

(defun slime-check-autodoc-at-point (arglist)
  (slime-test-expect (format "Autodoc in `%s' (at %d) is as expected" 
                             (buffer-string) (point)) 

(def-slime-test autodoc.1
    (buffer-sexpr wished-arglist &optional skip-trailing-test-p)
      ;; Test basics
      ("(swank::emacs-connected*HERE*"    "(emacs-connected)")
      ("(swank::emacs-connected *HERE*"   "(emacs-connected)")
      ("(swank::create-socket*HERE*"      "(create-socket host port)")
      ("(swank::create-socket *HERE*"     "(create-socket ===> host <=== port)")
      ("(swank::create-socket foo *HERE*" "(create-socket host ===> port <===)")

      ;; Test that autodoc differentiates between exported and unexported symbols.
      ("(swank:create-socket*HERE*" :not-available)

      ;; Test if cursor is on non-existing required parameter
      ("(swank::create-socket foo bar *HERE*" "(create-socket host port)")

      ;; Test cursor in front of opening parenthesis
      ("(swank::with-struct *HERE*(foo. x y) *struct* body1)"
       "(with-struct (conc-name &rest names) obj &body body)"

      ;; Test variable content display
      ("(progn swank::default-server-port*HERE*" "DEFAULT-SERVER-PORT => 4005")

      ;; Test that "variable content display" is not triggered for trivial constants.
      ("(swank::create-socket t*HERE*"     "(create-socket ===> host <=== port)")
      ("(swank::create-socket :foo*HERE*"  "(create-socket ===> host <=== port)")

      ;; Test with syntactic sugar
      ("#'(lambda () (swank::create-socket*HERE*" "(create-socket host port)")
      ("`(lambda () ,(swank::create-socket*HERE*" "(create-socket host port)")
      ("(remove-if #'(lambda () (swank::create-socket*HERE*"    "(create-socket host port)")
      ("`(remove-if #'(lambda () ,@(swank::create-socket*HERE*" "(create-socket host port)")

      ;; Test &optional
      ("(swank::symbol-status foo *HERE*" 
       "(symbol-status symbol &optional ===> (package (symbol-package symbol)) <===)")

      ;; Test context-sensitive autodoc (DEFMETHOD)
      ("(defmethod swank::arglist-dispatch (*HERE*"
       "(defmethod arglist-dispatch (===> operator <=== arguments) &body body)")
      ("(defmethod swank::arglist-dispatch :before (*HERE*"
       "(defmethod arglist-dispatch :before (===> operator <=== arguments) &body body)")

      ;; Test context-sensitive autodoc (APPLY)
      ("(apply 'swank::eval-for-emacs*HERE*"
       "(apply 'eval-for-emacs &optional form buffer-package id &rest args)")
      ("(apply #'swank::eval-for-emacs*HERE*"
       "(apply #'eval-for-emacs &optional form buffer-package id &rest args)")
      ("(apply 'swank::eval-for-emacs foo *HERE*"
       "(apply 'eval-for-emacs &optional form ===> buffer-package <=== id &rest args)")
      ("(apply #'swank::eval-for-emacs foo *HERE*"
       "(apply #'eval-for-emacs &optional form ===> buffer-package <=== id &rest args)")

      ;; Test context-sensitive autodoc (ERROR, CERROR)
      ("(error 'simple-condition*HERE*"
       "(error 'simple-condition &rest arguments &key format-arguments format-control)")
      ("(cerror \"Foo\" 'simple-condition*HERE*"
       "(cerror \"Foo\" 'simple-condition &rest arguments &key format-arguments format-control)")
      ;; Test &KEY and nested arglists
      ("(swank::with-retry-restart (:msg *HERE*"
       "(with-retry-restart (&key ===> (msg \"Retry.\") <===) &body body)")
      ("(swank::with-retry-restart (:msg *HERE*(foo"
       "(with-retry-restart (&key ===> (msg \"Retry.\") <===) &body body)" t)
      ("(swank::start-server \"/tmp/foo\" :coding-system *HERE*"
       "(start-server port-file &key (style swank:*communication-style*) (dont-close swank:*dont-close*) ===> (coding-system swank::*coding-system*) <===)")
      ;; Test declarations and type specifiers
      ("(declare (string *HERE*" 
       "(declare (string &rest ===> variables <===))")
      ("(declare ((string *HERE*"
       "(declare ((string &optional ===> size <===) &rest variables))")
      ("(declare (type (string *HERE*"
       "(declare (type (string &optional ===> size <===) &rest variables))")

      ;; Test local functions
      ("(flet ((foo (x y) (+ x y))) (foo *HERE*" "(foo ===> x <=== y)")
      ("(macrolet ((foo (x y) `(+ ,x ,y))) (foo *HERE*" "(foo ===> x <=== y)")
      ("(labels ((foo (x y) (+ x y))) (foo *HERE*" "(foo ===> x <=== y)")
      ("(labels ((foo (x y) (+ x y)) 
                 (bar (y) (foo *HERE*" 
       "(foo ===> x <=== y)"))
    (setq slime-buffer-package "COMMON-LISP-USER")
    (insert buffer-sexpr)
    (search-backward "*HERE*")
    (delete-region (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0))
    (slime-check-autodoc-at-point wished-arglist)
    (unless skip-trailing-test-p
      (insert ")") (backward-char)
      (slime-check-autodoc-at-point wished-arglist))

(provide 'slime-autodoc)