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\twocolumn[\LARGE\centering{SLIME Quick Reference Card}\vskip1cm]

\group{Getting help in Emacs}

\key{C-h \meta{key}}{describe function bound to \meta{key}}
\key{C-h b}{list the current key-bindings for the focus buffer}
\key{C-h m}{describe mode}
\key{C-h l}{shows the keys you have pressed}
\key{\meta{key} l}{what starts with \meta{key}}



\key{M-tab, C-c C-i, C-M-i}{complete symbol}
\key{C-c C-s}{complete form}
\key{C-c M-i}{fuzzy complete symbol}


\key{C-c C-q}{close parens at point}
\key{C-]}{close all sexp}


\key{C-c M-q}{reindent defun}
\key{C-M-q}{indent sexp}


\key{spc}{insert a space, display argument list}
\key{C-c C-d d}{describe symbol}
\key{C-c C-f}{describe function}
\key{C-c C-d a}{apropos search for regexp}
\key{C-c C-d z}{apropos with internal symbols}
\key{C-c C-d p}{apropos in package}
\key{C-c C-d h}{hyperspec lookup}
\key{C-c C-d ~}{format character hyperspec lookup}

\subgroup{Cross reference}

\key{C-c C-w c}{show function callers}
\key{C-c C-w r}{show references to global variable}
\key{C-c C-w b}{show bindings of a global variable}
\key{C-c C-w s}{show assignments to a global variable}
\key{C-c C-w m}{show expansions of a macro}
\key{C-c \textless}{list callers of a function}
\key{C-c \textgreater}{list callees of a function}

\subgroup{Finding definitions}

\key{M-.}{edit definition}
\key{M-, or M-*}{pop definition stack}
\key{C-x 4 .}{edit definition in other window}
\key{C-x 5 .}{edit definition in other frame}


\subgroup{Macro expansion commands}

\key{C-c C-m or C-c RET}{macroexpand-1}
\key{C-c M-m}{macroexpand-all}
\key{C-c C-t}{toggle tracing of the function at point}


\key{C-c M-d}{disassemble function definition}


\key{C-c C-c}{compile defun}
\key{C-c C-y}{call defun}
\key{C-c C-k}{compile and load file}
\key{C-c M-k}{compile file}
\key{C-c C-l}{load file}
\key{C-c C-z}{switch to output buffer}
\key{M-n}{next note}
\key{M-p}{previous note}
\key{C-c M-c}{remove notes}


\key{C-M-x}{eval defun}
\key{C-x C-e}{eval last expression}
\key{C-c C-p}{eval \& pretty print last expression}
\key{C-c C-r}{eval region}
\key{C-x M-e}{eval last expression, display output}
\key{C-c :}{interactive eval}
\key{C-c E}{edit value}
\key{C-c C-u}{undefine function}


\key{C-c C-b}{interrupt (send SIGINT)}
\key{C-c \~}{sync the current package and working directory}
\key{C-c M-p}{set package in REPL}


\key{C-c I}{inspect (from minibuffer)}
\key{ret}{operate on point}
\key{M-ret}{copy down}