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* SLIME News                                         -*- outline -*-

* (since 2.3)

** UTF8 encoding
SLIME now uses only UTF8 to encode strings on the wire.  Customization
variables like slime-net-coding-system or swank:*coding-system* are
now useless.

* 2.3 (October 2011)

** REPL no longer loaded by default
SLIME has a REPL which communicates exclusively over SLIME's socket.
This REPL is no longer loaded by default.  The default REPL is now the
one by the Lisp implementation in the *inferior-lisp* buffer.  The
simplest way to enable the old REPL is:

  (slime-setup '(slime-repl))

** Precise source tracking in Clozure CL
Recent versions of the CCL compiler support source-location tracking.
This makes the sldb-show-source command much more useful and M-. works
better too.

** Environment variables for Lisp process
slime-lisp-implementations can be used to specify a list of strings to
augment the process environment of the Lisp process.  E.g.:

      "--core" "/home/me/sbcl-cvs/output/sbcl.core")
     :env ("SBCL_HOME=/home/me/sbcl-cvs/contrib/"))

* 2.1

** Removed Features
Some of the more esoteric features, like presentations or fuzzy
completion, are no longer enabled by default.  A new directory
"contrib/" contains the code for these packages.  To use them, you
must make some changes to your ~/.emacs.  For details see, section
"Contributed Packages" in the manual.

** Stepper
Juho Snellman implemented stepping commands for SBCL.

** Completions
SLIME can now complete keywords and character names (like #\newline).

* 2.0 (April 2006)

** In-place macro expansion
Marco Baringer wrote a new minor mode to incrementally expand macros.

** Improved arglist display
SLIME now recognizes `make-instance' calls and displays the correct
arglist if the classname is present.  Similarly, for `defmethod' forms
SLIME displays the arguments of the generic function.

** Persistent REPL history
SLIME now saves the command history from REPL buffers in a file and
reloads it for newly created REPL buffers.

** Scieneer Common Lisp
Douglas Crosher added support for Scieneer Common Lisp.

Various improvements to make SLIME work well with current SBCL versions.

** Corman Common Lisp
Espen Wiborg added support for Corman Common Lisp.

** Presentations
A new feature which associates objects in Lisp with their textual
represetation in Emacs.  The text is clickable and operations on the
associated object can be invoked from a pop-up menu.

** Security
SLIME has now a simple authentication mechanism: if the file
~/.slime-secret exists we verify that Emacs and Lisp can access it.
Since both parties have access to the same file system, we assume that
we can trust each other.

* 1.2 (March 2005)

** New inspector
The lisp side now returns a specially formated list of "things" to
format which are then passed to emacs and rendered in the inspector
buffer. Things can be either text, recursivly inspectable values, or
functions to call. The new inspector has much better support CLOS
objects and methods.

** Unicode
It's now possible to send non-ascii characters to Emacs, if the
communication channel is configured properly.  See the variable

** Arglist lookup while debugging
Previously, arglist lookup was disabled while debugging.  This
restriction was removed. 

** Extended tracing command
It's now possible to trace individual a single methods or all methods
of a generic function.  Also tracing can be restricted to situations
in which the traced function is called from a specific function.

** M-x slime-browse-classes
A simple class browser was added.

** FASL files
The fasl files for different Lisp/OS/hardware combinations are now
placed in different directories.

** Many other small improvements and bugfixes

* 1.0 (September 2004)

** slime-interrupt
The default key binding for slime-interrupt is now C-c C-b.

** sldb-inspect-condition
In SLDB 'C' is now bound to sldb-inspect-condition.

** More Menus
SLDB and the REPL have now pull-down menus.

** Global debugger hook.
A new configurable *global-debugger* to control whether
swank-debugger-hook should be installed globally is available. True by

** When you call sldb-eval-in-frame with a prefix argument, the result is 
now inserted in the REPL buffer.

** Compile function
For Allegro M-. works now for functions compiled with C-c C-c.

** slime-edit-definition
Better support for Allegro: works now for different type of
definitions not only. So M-. now works for e.g. classes in Allegro.

** SBCL 0.8.13
SBCL 0.8.12 is no longer supported.  Support for 0.8.12 was broken for
for some time now.

* 1.0 beta (August 2004)

** autodoc global variables
The slime-autodoc-mode will now automatically show the value of a
global variable at point.

** Customize group
The customize group is expanded and better-organised.

** slime-interactive-eval
Interactive-eval commands now print their results to the REPL when
given a prefix argument.

** slime-conservative-indentation
New Elisp variable. Non-nil means that we exclude def* and with-* from
indentation-learning. The default is t.

** (slime-setup)
New function to streamline setup in ~/.emacs

** Modeline package
The package name in the modeline is now updated on an idle timer. The
message should now be more meaningful when moving around in files
containing multiple IN-PACKAGE forms.

** XREF bugfix
The XREF commands did not find symbols in the right package.

** REPL prompt
The package name in the REPL's prompt is now abbreviated to the last
`.'-delimited token, e.g. MY.COMPANY.PACKAGE would be PACKAGE. This
can be disabled by setting SWANK::*AUTO-ABBREVIATE-DOTTED-PACKAGES* to

** CMUCL source cache
The source cache is now populated on `first-change-hook'. This makes
M-. work accurately in more file modification scenarios.

** SBCL compiler errors
Detect compiler errors and make some noise. Previously certain
problems (e.g. reader-errors) could slip by quietly.

* 1.0 alpha (June 2004)

The first preview release of SLIME.