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dotfiles / emacs.d / slime-2012-01-20 / contrib / swank-media.lisp

;;; swank-media.lisp --- insert other media (images)
;; Authors: Christophe Rhodes <csr21@cantab.net>
;; Licence: GPLv2 or later

(in-package :swank)

;; this file is empty of functionality.  The slime-media contrib
;; allows swank to return messages other than :write-string as repl
;; results; this is used in the R implementation of swank to display R
;; objects with graphical representations (such as trellis objects) as
;; image presentations in the swank repl.  In R, this is done by
;; having a hook function for the preparation of the repl results, in
;; addition to the already-existing hook for sending the repl results
;; (*send-repl-results-function*, used by swank-presentations.lisp).
;; The swank-media.R contrib implementation defines a generic function
;; for use as this hook, along with methods for commonly-encountered
;; graphical R objects.  (This strategy is harder in CL, where methods
;; can only be defined if their specializers already exist; in R's S3
;; object system, methods are ordinary functions with a special naming
;; convention)