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;;; swank-sbcl-exts.lisp --- Misc extensions for SBCL
;; Authors: Tobias C. Rittweiler <>
;; License: Public Domain

(in-package :swank)

(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
  (swank-require :swank-arglists))

;; We need to do this so users can place `slime-sbcl-exts' into their
;; ~/.emacs, and still use any implementation they want.
;;; Display arglist of instructions.
(defmethod compute-enriched-decoded-arglist ((operator-form (eql 'sb-assem:inst))
  (flet ((decode-instruction-arglist (instr-name instr-arglist)
           (let ((decoded-arglist (decode-arglist instr-arglist)))
             ;; The arglist of INST is (instruction ...INSTR-ARGLIST...).
             (push 'sb-assem::instruction (arglist.required-args decoded-arglist))
             (values decoded-arglist
                     (list instr-name)
    (if (null argument-forms)
        (destructuring-bind (instruction &rest args) argument-forms
          (declare (ignore args))
          (let* ((instr-name
                  (if (arglist-dummy-p instruction)
                      (string-upcase (arglist-dummy.string-representation instruction))
                      (symbol-name instruction)))
                 (instr-fn (gethash instr-name sb-assem:*assem-instructions*)))
            (cond ((not instr-fn)
                  ((functionp instr-fn)
                   (with-available-arglist (arglist) (arglist instr-fn)
                     (decode-instruction-arglist instr-name arglist)))
                   (assert (symbolp instr-fn))
                   (with-available-arglist (arglist) (arglist instr-fn)
                     ;; SB-ASSEM:INST invokes a symbolic INSTR-FN with
                     ;; current segment and current vop implicitly.
                     (decode-instruction-arglist instr-name (cddr arglist)))


(provide :swank-sbcl-exts)