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add cid file to condor_run temp dir for debugging

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File tools/globus/

 When executed as a main script, the first argument is taken as the command and
 the rest as arguments, and the command is run on the condor cluster. stdout
 and stderr from the command is echoed.
+Note: the job dir is not being deleted on exit, this is a bug. It's useful to
+leave the dir around for debugging, so it should be an option, but the default
+should be to clean up the temp dir.
 import sys
 import subprocess
         self.cluster_id =
         self.state = CondorJob.SUBMITTED
+        open(os.path.join(self.job_dir, "cid_%s" % self.cluster_id),
+             "w").close()
         return self.cluster_id
     def _exit_code(self):