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borislavzlatanov created an issue

Hi guys,

Thanks for creating this (d)app. I'd really like to start using it instead of Steemit, but there's only one thing stopping me - I'd like to be able to view the posts in my feed in chronological order. Right now the order is different and I don't see a way to change it. In Steemit, it is chronological so I know when I've reached the end of any new posts. In Steeve, the feed is not chronological, I don't know whether there still are new posts that I haven't read yet. So I can easily miss important posts.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks.

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  1. Peter Hroššo

    I am not sure I understand how you imagine it. Currently the feed is sorted chronologically, but recommendations are sorted by their approximate quality. Why would you want to sort them chronologically? You might end up with recommendations of a poor quality at the top and never scroll enough to reach the good ones. Is that what you want?

  2. borislavzlatanov reporter

    Hmm. Here is the workflow for me: I do other stuff and then when I want some rest or when I start my day, I go to check my Steem feed (currently I use Steemit.com). It is not a bother at all if I have to scroll down. It's not that much scrolling since I tend to check it almost every day. What's important to me is that I don't miss any posts from the people I follow. Where the posts appear on my feed is not really important. In fact, some scrolling is better than all of the most important stuff being at the top, because the scrolling through the non-important content helps me relax more. It's a break from the work, so density would actually be detrimental.

  3. Peter Hroššo

    But this is how it is now. Content from the authors you follow is sorted chronologically, the same way as on steemit.com. Only recommendations are non-chronological.

  4. borislavzlatanov reporter

    Hm, OK. I guess the order threw me off (I got confused) because I wasn't making the distinction between recommendations and chronological normal content. Thanks for your help.

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