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arax thorwalds
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I've noticed (just visually) that the player is using a rather limited cache of downloaded data, therefore on low speed connection or a less functional clip (i've noticed that some vplay clips have better performances than other even if they are part of the same series), there are temp. interruption until the player downloads another chunk of data.

I'd propose a functionality that either downloads continuously data in background or allows the user to set a proper download cache size in relation to his / her internet connection performances.

Again it's just my observation, i didn't check the source code behind and i didn't test it on other computers.

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  1. Stefan Cosma repo owner

    Hi Arax,

    Unfortunately, this functionality is outside the scope of the plugin. All the plugin does is passing the url of the video file like this:

    player = xbmc.Player( xbmc.PLAYER_CORE_MPLAYER )'url')

    The actual caching and playing of the video is handled by the xbmc core.

    If you know a better way to do this I will gladly accept a patch :)

    On a side note, I don't think your problem is related to the plugin or xbmc. I get the same behavior even when I play clips directly on vPlay's site. How fast the clip loads depends a lot on the server where it is stored, and vPlay stores even clips in the same collection on different servers. This is why you notice the difference between clips.

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