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These examples should help get you started with pyGame. Here is a
brief rundown of what you get. - This started off as a port of the SDL demonstration,
    Aliens. Now it has evolved into something sort of resembling
    fun. This demonstrates a lot of different uses of sprites and
    optimized blitting. - This more closely resembles a port of the SDL Aliens
    demo. The code is a lot simpler, so it makes a better starting
    point for people looking at code for the first times. These
    blitting routines are not as optimized as they should/could be,
    but the code is easier to follow, and it plays quick enough.

winaliens.pyw - Just an example launcher for windows platforms.
	with the .PYW extension, windows will not open a DOS box
	for the running python script, giving everything a more
	professional look. (the script will run fine on linux too)
	this script launches in fullscreen mode - A simple starfield example. You can change the center of
    perspective by leftclicking the mouse on the screen. - Given a .ZIP file, this will cycle through the
    images found in the file. Press the keyboard or mouse to 
    cycle to the next image. If no zipfile is passed on the command
    line, it will pick one from the current directory. A great
    demenstration if you want to keep all your resources inside a
    single zip archive. Note, this will only load the types of
    images that you have enabled in SDL_Image, there's a chance
    you won't see the included JPEG's - Super quick, super simple application demonstrating
    the different ways to render fonts with the font module - Demonstrates creating a vertical gradient with
    Numeric python. The app will create a new gradient every half
    second and report the time needed to create and display the
    image. If you're not prepared to start working with the
    Numeric arrays, don't worry about the source for this one :] - Extremely basic testing of the mixer module. Load a
	sound and play it. 

data/ - directory with the resources for the examples - zipfile with unofficial sdl logos

We're always on the lookout for more examples and/or example
requests. Code like this is probably the best way to start
getting involved with python gaming.

Pete Shinners

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