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Issue #5 open

ctype module not found

Anonymous created an issue

I tried to install fixutf8 in my system, but the plungin cannot be loaded. It fails with the following error: {{{ C:> hg version C:\Archivos de programa\Mercurial\Contrib>hg versio *** failed to import extension fixutf8 from C:/Archivos de programa/Mercurial/hg-fixutf8/fixutf8.py: No module named ctypes Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 1.2.1) }}}

Apparently, the error is originated in line 6 of win32helper.py: {{{ from ctypes import * }}}

The solution seems easy: install the ctypes module. However, the problem is that I'm using the binary distribution of mercurial (obtained from http://mercurial.berkwood.com/). This package provides the command hg.exe which apparently includes (embedded) the python interpreter and the required modules, and thus is not clear how to install aditional python modules for it (if possible at all).

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