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Documentation for skos:broadMatch support

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 FOOTER = """</rdf:RDF>"""
 def make_rdf(input_file, output_file):
-    '''Uses the templates above to generate a RDF vocabulary.
+    '''Use templates and input data to generate a RDF vocabulary.
-    Input file should have one resource per line.'''
+    Input files should have one resource per line. The skos:prefLabel
+    and rdfs:isDefinedBy are hardcoded in this script, but could be
+    easily moved to the top of the input file.
+    skos:broadMatch
+    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+    You can define ceramic subtypes as having a skos:broadMatch of the
+    generic type using a line such::
+        3:3A
+    This is not redundant, as it allows for things like::
+        99:80B/99
+        58:32/58
+    that would be impossible without an explicit definition.'''
     input_data = open(input_file).read().splitlines()
     output = open(output_file, 'wb')