A few useful scripts. Nothing special.

Optimal conversion from EPS (generated by AutoCAD) to PNG.

This is a general purpose script for performing certain batch operations on
directories of images prior to uploading on Mediawiki:

- replace spaces and/or underscores in filenames with dashes
- delete Thumbs.db files
- put file extension in lowercase
- make numbering consistent across the entire collection
- create text files containing a description of each image


A skeleton for the tedious task of fixing broken charset in MySQL.

If you need to print a huge amount of wiki pages, the best solution is to
download all of them with wkhtmltopdf, and get one PDF file per page.

This is a sort of scraper to extract data from not-so-structured CSV files, that
were in turn obtained from Word documents. Basically, it's one record per line,
and the script does its best to split the "fields" and then output with the right

Adding more templates is dead easy.