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Add support for binary Leica XCF / DBX format

Stefano Costa
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Leica 1200 series total stations output a file-based raw data format, that is binary (not ASCII) and is recognizable by the presence of an "index" file with the .XCF extension. Other files in the archive correspond to jobs and have file extensions such as .X01, .X02 and so on.

This is a binary, undocumented file format.

Sample files are attached, graciously provided by Anna Hodgkinson (Anna Hodgkinson) and Hannah Petten.

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  1. Stefano Costa reporter

    See the comment by filip klosowski posted here:

    It is very problematic issue because of proprietary format. Some CAD programs can import and export Leica DBX but usually using printfpc- Leica commandline tool and Leica dll libraries. This tool can convert DBX to ASCII using special format template that one creates with LGO's format manager utility. However reversing DBX would be the coolest way you can choose, the best and the most realistic solution would be non-disclosure agreement with Leica Geosystems - maybe they would let you use printfpc as an addon. As soon as you break DBX format, Leica will persuade you to hide source:(

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