Author linking for TFS changesets not working correctly for all changesets

Issue #17 resolved
Daren Smith created an issue

Attached email thread with history and details of issue.

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  1. Daren Smith reporter

    Correct. We have a couple of plans. One seems to be working properly for all authors, and the only difference I can see is that it is not in the shared repositories. I attached screenshots for changesets, plans, and a couple of example builds that outline the linking. Let me know if you need anything else.

  2. Sergey Podobry

    Daren, could you connect with Visual Studio to TFS using TFSBuild account and check changeset author names?

  3. Sergey Podobry

    Ok, thanks. I'm going to build a test tool and give it to you to gather more info. For now I cannot reproduce the issue at my lab.

  4. Daren Smith reporter


    Attached is the output of the test program. It produced the first 20 changeset under the TFSBuild account and I didn't see any configuration options in the property file when I opened the jar, so I attached the output it produced.

    Thanks, Daren

  5. Daren Smith reporter


    Here's the output from both Windows and the Bamboo Server (Linux). I see where the 'TFSBuild' is likely coming from as the committer being different than the owner. I see that on some changesets there is a difference between the owner and the committer. I have reached out to one of the developers that made one of those checkins to let me know if there was anything different about the commit.

  6. Daren Smith reporter


    I've got that version installed and restarted the service. I'll let you know if all the authors seem to be in alignment after a few builds.

  7. Sergey Podobry


    It looks like the old plugin version is active. Could you check what plugin manager says and look at the <bamboo_home>/plugins directory? There should be only one tfs-repository-plugin and it must have version 1.1dev1.

  8. Daren Smith reporter


    It is definitely running under the correct plugin now. I have updated it a couple of times and it did not overwrite the previous plugin, but I thought maybe the version had not been updated from 1.1 in the plugin itself and still applied correctly. Please note that I had to uninstall the plugin, restart bamboo, install the dev plugin, and restart bamboo again to get it properly applied.

  9. Daren Smith reporter

    For all builds going forward? Or previous builds as well? For the previous builds many of the authors are still not correct in Bamboo.

  10. Daren Smith reporter

    Hi Sergey,

    I think it's working correctly. But our build expiry was set to 4 at a global level (artifacts are large) and we've been spawning a lot of manual builds, so I'm lacking build history to analyze. I've set the expiry to hold the history and expunge the artifacts and results. I'll let it run for a couple of days and give you a definitive answer on whether it's resolved.

  11. Daren Smith reporter

    Hi Sergey,

    I just remembered that I had not informed you of the status of this issue. Author linking is working as expected now. Thanks for all your help.

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