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Several of our app teams use the TFS plugin with Bamboo and manage their code in TFS using version labels. Is there a way to support pulling by version label using the TFS plugin?

I realize version labels and Continuous Integration are not the best mix but I still need to provide this capability in TFS pulls from Bamboo.

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  1. Sergey Podobry

    Hi! Please, create a bitbucket account, so you'll receive an email notifications for this issue (and I will be able to ask you some questions here).

  2. Sergey Podobry

    Perfect. So which one do you need:

    1. a manual step for a build where you can type a label
    2. an option in repository configuration, so all builds will be from this label


  3. Chris Butwell

    It would be better for our needs if the build plan had a place to type a label in a build step. Then application teams can go in and change the label text as needed rather than creating a new repository. I think it's easier to change a build plan step than to change/create a repository.

  4. Sergey Podobry

    @cmb5 Please, confirm whether a customized build suits your needs. I can add a label support there. However it works for the default repository only. Is it ok for you? customized-build.png

  5. Chris Butwell

    Yes, as long as it is a plan variable that is saved from one build to the next. The application team would then schedule this build plan to be run once a day. The plan should then continue to use the label until the development team comes back into bamboo and updates the label value.

    We were thinking if it were configured similar to this, that would be great.

    Note that we are new to Bamboo, so if you think this functionality should be added in a different way, that is fine as well. Just let me know.

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